Senegalese Honorary Consulate in Manila

Tel.   : (+63) 2 818-6220
(+63) 2 572-3556
Fax   :
Email   : [email protected]
[email protected]
Website   :

Visa types granted by Senegal are;

  • Senegal Transit Visa
  • Senegal Tourist Visa
  • Senegal Entry Visa
  • Senegal Business Visa
  • Senegal Employment Visa
  • Senegal Project Visa
  • Senegal Conference Visa
  • Senegal Journalist Visa
  • Senegal Medical Visa
  • Senegal Medical Attendant Visa
  • Senegal Student Visa
  • Senegal Research Visa

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Jenina Joy C. Malaluan

Hi. I am a Filipino traveling to Senegal for a meeting soon. May I know whether a visa on arrival is available for me? If I want to go to the Consulate to apply for a visa, how long will it take? Would an appointment be possible for Thursday, November 16? Thank you.

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