Latvian Honorary Consulate General in Manila

Tel.   :
Fax   : (+63) 2 833 2358
Email   : [email protected]
[email protected]
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Visa types granted by Latvia are;

  • Latvia Tourist Visa (T)
  • Latvia Business Visa (B)
  • Latvia Employment Visa (E)
  • Latvia Student Visa (S)
  • Latvia Transit Visa (Tr)
  • Latvia Research (R)
  • Latvia Journalist (J)
  • Latvia Medical (M)
  • Latvia Surrogacy
  • Latvia Conference (C)
  • Latvia Entry (X) visa
  • Latvia For Study of Yoga/Vedic culture/Indian system of dance/Music

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Julio Felino M Manalo

I would like to apply for employment visa for Latvia. I have a contract with Smart Lynx Airlines based in Riga. I will work as airline Captain.

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