El Salvadoran Honorary Consulate in Manila

Tel.   : (+63) 2 631-7441
Fax   :
Email   : [email protected]
Website   :

Visa types granted by El Salvador are;

  • El Salvador Tourist Visa
  • El Salvador Business Visa (B)
  • El Salvador Entry Visa (X)
  • El Salvador Employment (E) & Project (P) Visas
  • El Salvador Student Visa (S)
  • El Salvador Medical Visa (MED) & Medical Attendant Visas (MED X)
  • El Salvador Conference/ Seminars Visas ( C )
  • El Salvador Journalist Visas (J)
  • El Salvador Research Visas (R)
  • El Salvador Missionary Visas (M)
  • El Salvador Mountaineering Visas (MX)
  • El Salvador Film Visas (F)
  • El Salvador Transit Visas

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Filipino Citizens are required to have an eVisa to travel to El Salvador

Alasdair Bell

I am a British citizen hoping to take my Filipino son to El Salvador in the next few weeks. He is 12 years old. Can he travel on my passport? Or, does he require a visa to travel on his own Filipino passport?


If I need a visa going to El Salvador,I'm a Filipino citizen

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