Bahraini Honorary Consulate in Manila

Tel.   : (+63) 2 804 2497
Fax   : (+63) 2 804 1563
Email   : [email protected]
Website   :,

Visa types granted by Bahrain are;

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Mannie laza

how to get a Police Clearance for US immigration visa requirements

Angelica ilagan

how to get police clearance without CPR? i worked in Bahrain using artist visa for a year. thanks

Chris Assigal

My partner is currently in Philippines, she needs a police clearance from when she worked in Bahrain, for Australian Immigration. What is the best way to go about it? Or can you send me application forms. Regards

Charry Mae Mendoza

Good day, Are you open for business? I have questions about getting a police clearance ..

Mohamed melad

I am bahraini I need Bahrain embassy contact number and address in Philippines

Cesar Sicat Navarro Jr

Good morning i would like to ask how to have a police clearance from Bahrain. I used to work in Bahrain from 2015 to 2017. Currently I am in Philippines and i need the police clearance as a requirement for Canada immigration

Cristito maghanoy

How to get bharain police clearance? what are the requirement i.working before in bharain i already exit i forgot to get my police clearance

Teresita Ramos

how to process for police certificate ten ten printed sun dry for stamping , I will used for my USA IMMIGRANT APPLICATION I worked at bahrain 30 yrs ago.

Reynaldo M Alfaro jr

a blessed morning po, How to get Bahrain police clearance? how much and what are the requirements to get it? thank you.

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