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Does transit for two days require a visa?


I live in Saudi Arabia and have two days of transit in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
I hold a Malian passport.
Do I need a visa

Going to attend an exhibition

By S Khanna

I intend to visit Phillipines to participate in a 5 day exhibition, will it require Business Visa or a Tourist Visa. I am holding Valid US visa.

3 year visa with a pet procedure

By Catherine

How can I apply for a 3 year visa as a retiree/visitor? I also will bring a small dòg. I'm coming from the US.

Philippine Passport or Visa

By Christy Avila

DFA imigrates Assiociate for Magnitude 5.7 Disaster In Dubai Buisness cooperate processing donation

Visa application/tourist visa in the philippines

By Genelle soriano

Where is the nearest philippine embassy in algeria? And how to process a papers to go here in the philippines from algeria

My 2 Philippine kids passport expires June 5th

By Antoinette

Trying to go to Philippines in July. My kids passport expires June 5th. What is the fastest process and what can I do?

Appointment for tourist visa

By Vijay

Visa application submitted online successfully but I don't know how to get appointment for file submission further information

visa on arrival for USA green card holders with indian passport

By FNU Harish


My name is FNU HARISH, an Indian passport holder, and I have been living and working in the United States for the past 14 months, As 10 years Green card holder. I am planning to visit my mother-in-law on 20th march 2024 for her 75th birthday.

Therefore, I would like to know if I am eligible for a visa on arrival for 16 days or if I need to apply for a visa at the embassy in San Francisco. furthermore, may please share the time line for the visa approval.

thank you

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